Thursday, August 25, 2016

Personal Practica #2

Activity: Duolingo
Time Spent: 30+ minutes.
Once again, I did some more Duolingo because it is a very useful tool and I think I can use this to help me better myself in this class. I'm having a bit of trouble with pronouns and a few verbs. "Soy" is a big problem for me. Duolingo is a lot harder than I believed at first. But over the span of two days I reviewed Basics I and completed Basics II and Common Phrases. I also felt superior to my mom who can't roll her "R's" like I can :)
Activity: Watched a Spanish YouTube channel called Once Ninos.
Time Spent: 30+ minutes.
This show was from an actual Mexican Information channel that taught kids many things. It also helps them learn Spanish at all ages. I watched videos about Transporte (transportation and pollution), Los electronicos (Electronics and electronic waste), and many other topics that helped me somewhat learn Spanish (he was fast but there were plenty on visuals) and it also explained some topics children need to learn about ahead of time in the early ages this is for.

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